Do You Help or Hinder Your Church?

By Garrett Best

This is an article written in the Christian Evangelist in March, 1887 by J.H. Garrison.

“Every church has its weights as well as its wings- members who pull down, as well as those who pull up. Some members by their faith, hope and love, lift the church heavenward; others by their worldly mindedness and indifference are dead weights, tending to hold the church down. Among the heaviest weights in any church are the fault finders and croakers. With them nothing goes right. The preacher does not suit them, the singing is not to their taste, the church building is horrid, and the whole out-look is one of general doom. One of these professional fault-finders can croak all the enthusiasm out of the most zealous member, in an hour’s interview. If they should ever get to heaven without a change of habit- if this were possible- they would find fault with the heavenly mansions, the new song, and the harps and the harpers. Are you a weight or a wing, to the church of which you are a member?”


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