About This Blog

By Garrett Best

In 2010, I read an article by Dr. Jack P. Lewis where he said, “I would like to challenge you to think of your study as a ministry rendered in service to God.” I had never thought of study as a ministry before. That concept has changed my attitude toward life and ministry.

Dr. Lewis’ legacy is undeniable. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University and Sam Houston State University. He went on to receive his PhD in New Testament from Harvard University and a PhD in Old Testament from Hebrew Union College. He was the Thayer Fellow at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem from 1967-68 and a Senior Fellow there in 1983-84. He taught Bible courses at Harding University and Harding School of Theology for nearly fifty years. As I write this, Dr. Lewis recently celebrated his 95th birthday. He is still publishing books and lecturing when he is able. He has served as an elder at the White Station Church of Christ in Memphis for a number of years. You can check his latest book entitled Early Explorers of the Bible Lands here. You can also find his autobiography As I Remember It here.

Certainly no one exemplifies the ministry of study more than Dr. Lewis. He made it his life’s mission to bridge theology and ministry. He didn’t spend his life in the ivory tower. He brought the ivory tower to the church. It is my prayer that this blog will carry on that same legacy: connecting the church and scholarship. I love truth and am committed to following it wherever it might lead. My goal will be to share things that I have been blessed to learn in hopes that you will be blessed as well. Ultimately, may God receive all the glory for whatever good may come through this blog.



  1. I am reviewing your blog and would like to cite the contents, but you do not specifically identify yourself. Please enlighten me. Thanks, Dr. D. Troy Pruitt, a graduate of Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, IL

    1. I apologize about this. My name is Garrett Best. Thanks for pointing this out, and I’ll make sure that it’s more clear for future readers. Blessings in your ministry.

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